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Forum Home. Join. Autocross. Events. Members. Sponsors. Contact. r e n e g a d e M  I  A  T  A    C  L  U  B Photos of past events: Vineyard tour, karting at Racing America, Miata Cup at Lime Rock, indoor sky diving at SkyVentures, Scavenger Hunt, Annual Banquet.

2017 Events Schedule and Information

Check the web site front page, forum or email for details

Renegade social events and club meetings

Please contact Tom at if you would like to organize an event.

North Country Region Porsche Club Autocross: Renegade Miata Club members are welcome to compete at NCR Porsche autocrosses.  Please register at their site -- pre-registration is encouraged.  Convertible cars running on R-compound tires must be equipped with a roll bar.  

NCR 2017 autox dates: April 22nd , June 11th ,  July 30st,  September 2rd , September 30th