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Renegade Miata Club Tech Inspection, version 2024

Loose Items in Car

All loose items must be removed from the passenger compartment and trunk. This includes the driver’s floor-mat unless securely mounted. You may remove the spare tire and jack, but you are not required to if they are properly secured. Any camera must be securely fastened. No “handheld” items are allowed.

Pedal Action

Accelerator pedal must have a return spring and operate freely. The same for a mechanical throttle cable/spring under the hood. The brake pedal must be firm, with no loss of pressure when held down.


Tires must be in good condition, with no cord or belts showing or cracks in the tread or damage to the sidewall.

Safety Belts

Seat belts (and harnesses if used) must be properly installed with attaching hardware, in good condition, secure and tight.

Engine compartment

No loose caps, leaking lines, or dangling mechanical parts. Brake and other fluid levels will be visually checked when possible. Fluid leaks will not pass inspection. The battery must be held down properly. If the battery can be moved at all, it will not pass.

Steering / Suspension

The steering must be tight with no excessive play. The steering wheel must be firmly attached. Wheel bearings cannot have excessive play -- each wheel will be checked.

Safety Helmet

If you bring your own safety helmet, it must be approved by Snell in the current or two most recent ratings. We follow the SCCA Helmet Guidelines. We do have a limited number of loaner helmets for people who do not have a helmet.

Hub Caps and Trim Rings

Hub caps, trim rings and wheel covers must be removed for competition, unless they are bolted to the wheel.


The car numbers should be prominently displayed on both sides of the car in colors that contrast with the paint. The numbers should be large enough to be easily seen by the course workers and the timing workers(when staging). The general size rules are numbers at least 8 inches high. Drivers who pre-register may select their number in advance and will be notified if someone else has already claimed that number.

Adequate Muffling

Your car must meet the sound requirements outlined elsewhere. Due to the possibility of losing this site due to noise problems, this rule is strictly enforced.


You are not required to have your car registered for street use, but it must pass tech inspection.

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