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What is Autocross

Autocross is one of the most accessible and affordable forms of motorsport. Events are typically held on flat, paved surfaces such as parking lots or airport tarmacs, and usually have a new course for each event, marked by traffic cones. Because autocross events use rubber traffic cones to define the course, and are typically run on paved surfaces with few obstructions, the hazards and barriers to entry are low.

While speeds are generally no greater than those encountered in legal highway driving, the combination of concentration and precision maneuvering gives drivers an exciting experience.

Competitors range from novices,  casual participants driving their commuter vehicles, to dedicated competitors driving purpose-built cars.  Classes are assigned to each car based on modifications, model, etc.

Our events are open to spectators.


Many local car clubs offer autocross novice driving schools to help drivers feel comfortable before a regular event.

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