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Membership information

The Renegade Miata Club is now accepting membership applications from all interested autocross participants.

Individual Membership is open to all and costs only $30 per year.  Associate membership is available for one member of the Individual member's household for an additional $15.


Membership benefits include autocross discounts, the ability to pre-register for autocross events and attend social events -- as well as the knowledge that you make it possible for this club to exist and continue to provide fun social and competitive events.


Click on the link below to to join the club.


Events are $45 for members

$55 for non members

Season pass for Members only

$315   pay for 7 points events get an 8th at no charge (does not include our first event which is our autocross school).

Click on the link below to to purchase season pass:

On the registration forms for our autocross events, Renegade Miata Club collects donations for Loaves & Fishes, a local food pantry that serves residents of Ayer, Devens, Groton, Harvard, Littleton and Shirley.


The pantry provides food for hundreds of people, including working poor parents with children who don’t get the benefit of school lunches during the summer months or schoolyear vacations. Through the efforts of their dedicated volunteer staff, the pantry is able to leverage a donation of $150 so that it provides nutritious meals for a struggling family for a week. A $50 donation helps them supply a week’s worth of meals for a veteran with PTSD or an elderly person trying to live on a small social security check. Thanks to our members’ generosity, RMC was recognized in 2017 as a Bronze Donor by the pantry! We hope everyone will continue to help us exceed our previous year's contribution!


We also do a fund-raiser during our annual end-of-season banquet: a lottery in which chances can be bought and the pot will be split between the winner and the food pantry. Go to for more information about their charity work.

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